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Step 1:

Contact our head coach about setting up a swim evaluation by using this request form. If your swimmer is tranferring from another program please indicate this on the form as an evaluation may not be neccesary. The evaluation helps to properly place them in skill groups. Please note, completion of a swim evaluation does not guarantee your swimmer is ready for Riptides. Our coaches will give recommendations for other program options if the swimmer is not quite ready.

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Download the TeamReach app! (Group Code: AQUA)
Step 2:

Once your swimmer has their group assignment, we'll need to complete the TEAM registration. Please refer to the registration page and select the assigned group. You will then be transported to our Commit Portal where you can choose your commitment level (this determines your monthly fee) and complete the TEAM registration. Please complete all areas of the registration process and review team and facility waivers before submitting.

Step 3:

Once you have completed the TEAM registration, you'll need to register your swimmer separately with USA Swimming. USAS is the governing body for year-round swimming in the United States. Your swimmer will not be eligible for practices and meets unless they are registered with USAS. Please speak with the head coach regarding the different USAS membership options.


Your journey to become a Riptide is now complete! We look forward to you joining our swim family.


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