Frequently Asked Questions


Swim Lessons

What does my child need to bring/wear to their class?

Your child will need a bathing suit, towel, and goggles. Swim suits should fit appropriately and not gap or slip out of place. We recommend one piece swim suits for girls and shorts or jammers for boys. Towels are available for rent through the Front Desk.

What is the cancelation policy for swim classes?

We have a no-show policy for all swim lessons. If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, you must cancel through the self-service portal or call 2-4 hours before the scheduled start time of the class. If you do not show up for class, then your child’s lesson will be marked as no-show and will be subtracted from your swim package.

How long will it be before my kids move to the next level class?

All progress is based on our in-house tracking sheets. Each class has exit skills that each child must complete before moving into the next class. Once all the exit skills are signed off your child will move into the next class. We do offer a guarantee: We guarantee that every child is different and they learn at different rates.

Can I buy single swim lessons?

We do not sell single swim lessons. We sell all swim lessons in packages of 6.

Can my child move up from Anchor 3 without going into Riptides?

Unfotunately we do not offer a level higher than Anchor 3 besides Riptides. Your child may remain in Anchor 3 and continue to refine their skills, however no new skills will be introduced. If your child is apprehensive about moving into Riptides, please speak with one of our staff. We often find that speaking with the swimmer in person can help get rid of any issues attributed to swim team.

How do I book my children in for swim lessons?

You can book your child through our self-service portal or by speaking with our front desk (in person or via telephone).

What is the self-service portal?

The self-service portal is a great tool to manage you and your families activities at Aquaventure. You can purchase packages, book classes, and pay invoices all from your computer or mobile device!

How do I use the self-service portal?

You'll first need to create an account for yourself, much like you would with Amazon or any online retailer. Next you can create accounts for any family members that will visit Aquaventure. After your account is created you can purchase swim packages, book classes, and manage invoices all online!

This is my child’s first swim lesson. Where do we go?

You will first check-in at our front desk. If your child needs to change you can use our locker rooms or family changing rooms. You will then go onto the pool deck to wait for your child to be called for their class. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure you are present when the class is called to the pool. If you arrive late, please make Front Desk aware so they can have your swimmer escorted to the pool.

Can parents be on the pool deck during swim lessons?

Parents are allowed to be seated both in the observation room and on the pool deck. However, parents are asked not to interfere once classes have started. If your child needs assistance the deck coordinator will alert you. This helps build your childs confidence in the water and allows them to focus on our instructors.

How can I track my child’s progress?

We track every students progress with our in-house tracking sheets. If you'd like to view your child's tracking sheet please ask for Deck Coordinator during your child's swim lesson. They will make time to speak with you either during or after the swim lesson.

What is a Deck Coordinator and what do they do?

Deck Coordinators supervise most of our swim lesson classes. They call the classes, check the roster, and help our instructors focus on what skills need to be accomplished in each class. The Deck Coordinator also tracks your child's progress from the deck and will also sign off once each swimmer completes a skill. Deck Coordinators are a parents communication resource with the instructor, so if you have a question please feel free to ask. They will answer the question, seek an answer from the instructor, or set up time to speak with the instructor after class. Inall, Deck Coordinators ensure that our swim lessons run smoothly and efficiently.


What is the temperature of the pool water?

The lap pool and dive tank are kept at 84-85 degrees depending on the season. Adjustments in temperature are made for special events like swim meets.

How will I know when lanes are available?

We have a lap lane availability guide at the front desk that shows our pool traffic throughout the day. We also have the current week lap lane availability posted on both doors entering the pool deck. Lap reservations are also available online for members and you can always call our front desk to inquire about lane availability. These schedules are subject to change.

What is the policy for bringing a guest?

Members may bring guests in for $8.00 any time during staffed hours. The guest must sign a facility waiver.

What is a drop-in?

We are a membership-based facility. We allow guests to try our facility as a “Drop-in visitor” during certain times of the day. Non-members may come in for $15.00 between the hours of 11am-3pm on weekdays and 12-2pm on Saturday. Non-members must sign a facility waiver.

Can I reserve a lane to swim laps?

Yes! We allow members to reserve specific lanes one day before use. Lanes must be reserved online and any lanes reserved beyond the one-day term will have the reservation deleted.

What do I need to wear to aerobic classes?

We recommend a one-piece bathing suit or dry fit material clothing. If you want to wear shoes in the pool, we ask that they be water shoes. No street clothes are allowed in the pool.

How do I find out about promotions and discounts?

Follow us on all social media to stay up-to-date with current promotions and discounts. You can also view our Facebook stream on the main page of this website.