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We're a team built on strength of character, diverse personalities, and a passion for hard work. Established in 2017, the Riptides have sought to create an environment for the modern swim family. A family where children don't just swim, they also play soccer, lacrosse, participate in robotics or act in plays. Swimming is an evolutionary sport that encourages both team and individual accomplishment, but it doesn't have to be a child's only sport or activity. And as your child's schedule changes throughout the year, we designed a program to do the same. Multiple commitment levels allow families to prioritize activities without having to choose between them.

Riptides swimmers refer to themselves as a family. They welcome new athletes regardless of skill level and believe in helping those needing improvement so one day they can challenge them to further develop. No matter a swimmer's background, ALL have potential, ALL are valuable, and ALL ARE WELCOME.

Our Mission: To develop focused, responsible athletes through unbiased guidance while enhancing personal advancement and peer relationships.

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