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Aquaventure is a facility for water lovers, water likers, and water maybes. The physical structure of the pools is designed to offer a water experience for everyone from the avid scuba diver or competitive swimmer to the “I’m a little afraid” swimmer. We strive to offer levels of aquatic programs that range from introductory to challenging, from swimming lessons and water aerobics, and from sporting events to scuba diving.

What makes our programs special is they are designed to be constantly evolving to introduce new aquatic activities that take a participant from water fear to water love.

Not a swimmer? Aquaventure offers a variety of exercise programs using the aquatic environment. Our staff specialize in using water as a creative exercise medium.

Don’t have much time in your day but want to swim laps? Maintain a private locker in our facility and utilize the showers after a quick workout.

Our staff is handpicked for their love of water. Their ability to share this passion is second to none. Feel free to come by and visit and chat with them. They love nothing better than sharing our facility with you.

Welcome to Aquaventure, the HOME for swimming in Pitt County!

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