--------  REOPENING PLAN--------

Due to the ongoing concerns with the spread of COVID-19, Aquaventure has reopened based on a phased safety plan. This plan has been reviewed by the Public Health Director for Pitt County and is able to be modified based on updated standards released by the national, state, and local health officials. This plan outlines phases of a restricted reopening and is in place to protect the health and safety of our patrons and staff. If you feel ill, please stay home.




  • There is a designated entry and exit door for the facility. Patrons should only use the door marked “ENTER” to access the Aquaventure facility. Patrons should only use the door marked “EXIT” to leave the Aquaventure facility.

  • Please arrive at Aquaventure ready to swim, as there is currently no access to locker rooms (high risk area). There will also be no towel service, so please bring your own towel.

  • Upon entering the facility, patrons will report to the Front Desk. If checking in, staff will perform a temperature check on each patron. Any temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher meets the CDC’s guidelines as a fever. Any patron with a fever temperature will be required to exit the facility but can be re-checked after 10 minutes. Staff will also be subject to temperature checks when they report for work and will be required to leave if a fever is present.

  • The lobby is divided into entry and exit lanes, so once checked in at the Front Desk patrons can proceed down the hallway to the pool entrance.

  • Locker rooms are currently closed. The classroom is also closed.

  • The hallway pool entry door will be the ONLY entrance into the pool area.

  • The pool lanes will have staggered, opposite-end entry areas. Even number lanes will have entry areas at the 3.5ft end of the pool. Odd number lanes will have entry areas at the 5ft end of the pool. Those with disabilities or mobility limitations should use the even numbered lanes. Fitness swimmers should use the odd number lanes. Only one swimmer will be allowed per lane.

  • If you must stop during your swim, please try and do so from your start end. This ensures proper social distancing when not actively swimming.

  • Please maintain social distancing guidelines when in the facility. Congregating on the pool deck or in the lobby is not allowed.

  • Pool equipment (kickboards, buoys, noodles, etc.) will be stationed by the pool entry door. This equipment has been sanitized. When a patron has completed their workout, any used equipment will be placed in a bin by the pool exit door so it can be sanitized by staff.

  • Once you have completed your workout please exit through the double doors leading to the lobby. Use the right exterior door marked “EXIT” to leave the facility.

  • Common surfaces within the facility will be sanitized each hour. The lobby restrooms will be sanitized after usage.

  • Classes and activities will be phased in based on plan success.

  • There will be no guests or walk-in’s permitted during this time, only members will be able to utilize the facility. - There are currently no key fob hours.



Monday-Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Sunday Closed



Both the Tridents Summer Team and the Riptides Year-Round Team will practice beginning at 6:00 PM. Tridents will practice Monday and Wednesday, Riptides on Tuesday and Thursday. Practice protocols are as follows:

  • Swimmers should arrive ready to swim. The locker rooms will remain closed during practice. There are two restrooms in the lobby that are open.

  • Swimmers should bring dryland clothes to each practice. The plan is to limit the number of swimmers in close proximity to each other, therefore operating swim practice and dryland at the same time with rotating groups will help spread everyone out. This is one of the numerous strategies our coaches will employ to operate a safe practice.

  • All swimmers will be temperature checked upon entering Aquaventure. Any parents needing to remain in the building will also be temperature checked.

  • Parents will not be allowed in the facility once their swimmer has been dropped off. This is to reduce the risk of virus transmission among athletes, but also among parents. The classroom adjoined to the lobby will be closed. If you have a swimmer that requires you to be in attendance for practice please contact me so we can discuss further.

  • The facility will be closed to all other patrons. The entire pool area will be used by the team to ensure ample distance between athletes.


Group swim lessons will require a number of restrictive protocols. Please read carefully to ensure you and your child abide by our safety plan.

  • When arriving, please check-in at the front desk. Our staff will administer a temperature check to the swimmer and anyone remaining in the facility. Please see our policy above regarding temperature checks and fevers.

  • When in the lobby for check-in, please use social distancing practices.

  • You MUST pre-register your child for swim lessons. NO EXCEPTIONS. In order to operate group lessons, we must enforce correct social distancing. Most classes hold a maximum of 5 children and this limit will not be increased.

  • Swim instructors will wear clear plastic face shields during swim lessons.

  • Each child has designated equipment only they work with during the class.

  • Any equipment used is placed aside after class to be disinfected.

  • Several of our classes will use a "Staggered Deck Layout." The staggered deck layout is 3 kids along the side, 6 feet apart. Between kids 1-2 and 2-3, 2 additional kids sit on the rubber decking 6 feet behind. Imagine if you drew a line connecting each kid, it would be a zig-zag formation.

  • We ask that parents remain outside the facility unless they are needed to assist students in the restroom. Any parents remaining in the facility during swim lessons will be seated on the pool deck, appropriately socially distanced. The classroom will be closed.

  • Classes with older children will be taught in the water. We will utilize a formation that spaces swimmers along both sides of the lane. Our lap lanes are 7 feet wide.

  • Anchor Squad levels 2 and 3 will be taught in the dive tank lanes. Swimmers will be assigned 2 per lane and will start on opposite sides.

  • Participants in parent/child classes will enter the water using social distancing. Parent/infant couples should also social distance while in the pool, using a noodle to determine the space between each other.

  • Please remember that our locker rooms are still closed as part of this safety plan. There is no deck changing of children allowed. Our restrooms at the front of the facility are equipped with changing tables.

  • Only one parent will be allowed in the pool with students while we are adhering to this safety plan. Any parent on deck must wait in the seating area by the dive tank.

We are taking a phased approach to resume our swim program. Not all of our class offerings will be immediately available. We will evaluate the demand and modify the schedule as needed, so expect changes over the next several weeks. Most of all, we ask that you be patient with your child during this time. We have had to get very creative in order to teach classes that adhere to state and federal guidelines. Some of the new formations and arrangements may confuse our students, but we think after a lesson or two they will have it down. Like we've been telling everyone since we reopened, "Its the same, but different."


All group fitness classes including all aqua aerobics are currently suspended. We are hopeful to resume sometime later this year. A updated schedule as well as guidelines for holding classes will be released prior to resuming classes. PRE-REGISTRATION WILL BE REQUIRED AND CLASSES WILL HAVE SIZE LIMITS. NO WALK-INS WILL BE ADMITTED.

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