The comprehensive aquatic journey from expecting, to postpartum, to your first experiences of parent and child in the water.

Please consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.



Simple Delivery: Research shows that those who exercise often have easier, less painful labor. Aquatic exercise is something you can do at all stages of your pregnancy allowing you to maintain a consistent routine.


Boost Mood: Exercise during pregnancy helps reduce depression by improving your mood and diminishing stress and anxiety.


Social: Last but not least, aquatic exercise is a great way to interact with other expecting moms and build a strong community to help you face all the challenges of pregnancy.



Looking to maintain your fitness level or improve your overall wellness during pregnancy? Our aqua workout will tone your body by using the water for resistance training while also relieving stress from the joints. You're essentially weightless when in the water plus aqua workouts help reduce swelling. Best of all, connect with other expecting mothers and journey together through pregnancy! 

Packages: 1 class: $10; 3 classes: $25; 5 classes: $40



Recovery after child birth is a personal journey, so we've designed a class to help you on your way. This class is based in land fitness and features modified pelvic floor and abdominal exercises, strength training and cardio workouts. In addition, your instructor will focus on the psychological effects of child birth in an effort to balance your healthy recovery.

Packages: 1 class: $10; 3 classes $25; 5 classes: $40


This class ushers new moms through the rest of their postpartum experience by helping them reach new fitness levels. We increase the intensity and challenge your body as it completes the healing process. This class increases energy, strength, and endurance so that you can invest more time into your new baby!

Packages: 1 class: $10; 3 classes: $25; 5 classes: $40



Body Development: Any movement in the water works against resistance, so introducing your child to aquatics early on can help them build muscle density faster.


Acclimation: Introducing babies to the water allows them to comfortably acclimate with you by their side. This helps reduce anxiety and enhances love of the water!

Motor Development: Babies who have opportunities to explore their movements in the water at an earlier age can be further advanced in their motor skills than babies of the same age.



Otter Tots is a class designed for parents and infants to bond together through songs, activities & FUN! This class instills comfort in the water, develops learning skills, and increases muscle strength/tone. The babies wear a specially designed Otteroo swim float that allows head support above water while they freely move their arms and legs under water. Otter Tots is for infants 8 weeks to 6 months old that weigh between 9 and 35 pounds.

Packages: 1 class: $11; 3 classes: $25; 5 classes: $40

SIDEKICKS (6-24 months)

Every hero needs a mentor, so this class creates dynamic duos that participate in skills together. Parents/guardians work alongside their pint-sized partners to develop essential water skills led by our established instructors. Mix in a variety of skill-related songs and toys and you have quite the adventure! 

Packages: 1 class: $11; 3 classes: $25; 5 classes: $40

Please check our swim program schedule at the top of the page for upcoming classes.

MIGHTY TYKES (2-3 years old)

It's time for our heroes to strike out on their own, so this class offers a transition process guaranteed to build independence and patience in each swimmer. Parents and guardians will augment this process by working in the water for the first few classes but transitioning out by mid-session. We'll watch as our tiny titans develop confidence that will prepare them to have fearless swimming skills! 

$70 per package (6 lessons, 30 minutes each, 5 to 1 ratio, must attend 6 classes within the chosen session)

Please check our swim program schedule at the top of the page for upcoming classes.

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